December 4, 2019

Handle Chromium & Firefox sessions with org-mode

I was big fan of Session Manager, small addon for Chrome and Chromium that will save all open tabs, assign the name to session and, when is needed, restore it.

Very useful, especially if you are like me, switching between multiple "mind sessions" during the day - research, development or maybe news reading. Or simply, you'd like to remember workflow (and tabs) you had few days ago.

After I decided to ditch all extensions from Chromium except uBlock Origin, it was time to look for alternative. My main goal was it to be browser agnostic and session links had to be stored in text file, so I can enjoy all the goodies of plain text file. What would be better for that than good old org-mode ;)

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August 7, 2019

ido-mode with eshell, shell, sql and more...

ido-mode doesn't provide completion for eshell, shell or sql-mode out of the box, and I wasn't been able to find any package with this option that is lightweight enough (Helm, I'm looking at you). So, after few attempts, here is the code for that:

(defun ido-eshell-comint-history ()
  "eshell & comint history with ido."
  (if (or (member major-mode '(eshell-mode sql-interactive-mode))
          (derived-mode-p 'comint-mode))
     (let ((ring (if (eq major-mode 'eshell-mode)
        (ido-completing-read "History: "
                              (ring-elements ring)))))
    (message "Unsupported mode")))

After evaluating the code, in eshell simply execute M-x ido-eshell-comint-history and magic will happen - you will get full eshell history managed by ido-mode. To make it more authentic, map it to C-c C-l, which is default sequence for completion in eshell.

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January 2, 2019

Embedding version string from Leiningen project

Frequently, inside my Clojure applications, I would put project version string picked from Leiningen project.clj file. This way, it would solve me these problems:

  1. User can easily report what application version was affected with some issue.
  2. Version number is updated only once.
  3. Leiningen lein change version leiningen.release/bump-version (automatic version number increase) works as well.

In the past, used this code:

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