August 10, 2008
Huh... here it is, my second attempt to create and use blog (second attempt in a sense of "I had it few years ago and was too lazy to update it" not " I couldn't create blog account here" :)).

I know you got it; I'm just trying to get used to typing here ;)

So, why I'm doing this again (implying if I'm lazy to write blog)? Well, that "few years ago" was when blogs was hot stuff and the time when projects started to adapt it. Also, in the same time, Vedran (my co-developer on EDE) was accepted in the first Google Summer of Code as part of some Ubuntu project (lightweight desktop, if I can recall). Of course, EDE was part of it too :)

Ubuntu mentors requested students brings their blogs online so they can track their progress(pretty much the same GSOC mentors do today); Vedran assembled WordPress (was pretty complicated those days; was that WordPress or was something else?) on our LUG server and started to scribe. I joined too; not as part of GSOC, but to give insight of other development side too, wrote few posts and find out that blogging wasn't for me.

Things changed in last two/three years a lot; today there are more projects with blogs than opposite and users likes that. Users expects to see a progress, nicely worded things what is going on and not to track developer lists with developer talk nor (for God sake) to track repository changes and read commit logs.

And my habits changed too! Today I'm first checking (for project I'm interested) blog writings then mailing lists and release dates. Often release days or high volume mailing lists means nothing; releases can have minor changes or changes I'm not interested in, mailing lists talk can be (and often is) about weather or movies. Not to mention how hard is to get some useful information. Mailing developers? Sure, just how long they will need to respond and what quality of response will be (bad quality does not mean they trying to be rude, just lack of time).

Blogs are, today, part of development tools, like bug trackers, wikis and mailing list (implying blogs about software development).

Just my view :P. Now to something useful...

People often mails me about EDE progress, what is going on, when will be release and so. Few fellows mentioned online that development stalled or slow progress is going on. Yes, the latest release was almost a year ago.

I was often replying on this via "We are alive, just too busy with EDE 2.0" and "Something soon will pop up" and similar. Yes, I know this is not enough; reading few times that "...we are working hard..." without anything useful is a good chance to drop my interests in that projects, seeking for alternative.

But, there is some truth :P. We are working indeed and there is a lot of changes out there; to summarise everyting in one document or mail would be very ungratefull. So I'm hoping these posting here will try to inform you little better about progress and things under the hood.

On other hand, if I get bored or tired with this blogging stuff, I will probably return to good old mails :)

Anyway, enough for the first intro post. Hoping to came with something better next time.