Post #2 (part II)

August 13, 2008

If you are going to ask where to find that Jam, below I was talking about, I will mention that is already on our repository. This should ensure two tings:

  1. easier finding and download
  2. ability to hack it if I find something I don't like

You will notice that out there are few Jam derivatives, notable FTJam, BoostJam and maybe less known HaikuJam. We are using HaikuJam (due few useful ablilities) and it is pretty compatible with original jam (a.k.a. "Classic Jam") and ftjam. BoostJam is sad story for itself and it should be avoided for EDE.

What about rest of DE? From the "big three": edewm (window manager), eworkpanel (panel) and eiconman (background with the icons) only eiconman is very much refreshed. Refreshed in a sense that was rewritten from scratch (three times!!!) and is near completition.

This looks like a slow progress, but I'm not thinking like that. There are many small utilities and programs that are added, revised or removed, notably a very good file manager (efiler) that is Vedran working on.

And besides, I'm still following a plan to ship a first alpha without finishing window manager and panel (and partialy eiconman). They will eat up too much time and also I would like to try some new ideas I have with them. In the mean time, edewm and eworkpanel from 1.x should be a temporary replacements.

Ending with this "quick view", I realized I said almost nothing about new things; probably seeing that each of them will require it's own post. Which is planned in the near future (hopefully) :)