No more sound

August 25, 2008
edelib will not play sounds any more. I just removed sound code from it which was pretty buggy, especially asynchronous playing. Actually, the only asynchronous part was buggy, mostly due quick threading support addition.

Alternatives? Two possible options that I'm thinking currently: use Audiere (maybe fork it), a very good sound library or develop own. Or maybe use both ideas; Audiere have very cool API and it can be inspiration for EDE sound library design.

Why Audiere fork? Besides cool API, there are few things I would like to change and remove; also the last update on the web is dating on 2006 and repository code gets updates from time to time (like recent native ALSA support addition).

Looks like EDE 2.0 alphas/betas will not have sound support; probably even official 2.0 will not have it. But I' m hoping it will not last too long for it's addition.