Scheming things

November 13, 2008
During some spare time in last month, instead putting some efforts in EDE, I played a bit with some scheme implementations, notably Gauche and Clojure (ok, ok, Clojure is not scheme, just don't yell :P).

I will omit Clojure here since there is a lot of buzz about it over the net currently (which is good), and even a book is comming soon. Yes, it deserves all that buzz :)

Gauche is, on other hand, pure scheme aiming for scripting stuff and if you are interested, for embedding too. Important thing, at least for me, is a fast startup (a thing where Guile sucks badly) and ready network-xml-opengl-clos-etc libraries. Also, you don't have to wait eternity to compile it (like PLT or Ypsilon) :P

Curious thing is that Gauche author merge in it experience earned in Final Fantasy movie (yep, there was a lot of scheme code in that movie), and he nicely put all of it in some of his essays (reading advised, even if you don't like scheme language).

Since this is not a review but mostly a few words finding excuses for recent little bit rare commits in ede2 module, I will end here. I'll have to play with Gauche more for a final impressions :).