No FOSDEM this year either

December 31, 2008
Looks like EDE will not have a chance for presentation on FOSDEM this year. Again.

Last year I tried to apply for stands (I know, I know, trying to go far) and only the big ones got a chance. I was pissed for that. Don't get me wrong; I wasn't all that mad for rejection, but also for seeing each year on each conference 10-20 well known projects that will give me "the news" I already know. If you don't believe me, then just see the difference between this and previous year.

Seems that Lighting Talks are the only fresh part of this event; each year there are new or soon-to-be-known projects mostly due some rules (e.g. you can't be twice). Can those rule be applied for stands/devrooms too? Looks like not.

Now, rejection is probably our falt too: there was release a year ago and the current 2.0 development is in progress, maybe too slow for the eyes outside it. You know, it's a little bit hard to say: " I just got edelib::list pointer specialization and proves it wasn't so good" or "ede-screensaver-conf will now communicate with xscreensaver via X messages" to someone who is not familiar with these. Even if that person is familiar, I'm sure he/she will not waste their time on reading commit logs.

But, things are not that bad: a new year is comming and will see what will bring us :) And of course: Happy New Year!