No more builtin paths

January 14, 2009
At last, ede2 module is directed by autoconf from now on. I just completed file (including all prerequisites for that) so typical edelib " ./ && jam && jam install" recepie will do the magic.

Some docs are updated too, precisely README.alpha so interested parties can read something useful on how to compile the current code. And yes, it is included as part of manual building process and you will get "Readme First" at the start page.

Only thing that itches me currently are some m4 scripts duplication between edelib and ede. For example, ede2 now uses jam.m4, libxpm.m4 and xlib.m4 scripts from edelib and would be nice if they could be shared somehow. Since edelib and ede2 are separate modules, the only solution I'm seeing now is creating an another (e.g. m4-macros) module. Now, the only "glitch" is that you will have to download it separately and put in ede2 and edelib directories; hm... reminds me to the GNOME way. After a few seconds of thinking, better to keep them duplicate :P