Release tags maintenance

February 11, 2009
I just little bit reordered tagging schema in repository tags, mostly for better readability. Instead previous v1_0_2 and v2_0_7 (inherited from cvs), where you didn't know what release version is for efltk what for ede, now we have much better names (e.g. ede-1.0.2 and efltk-2.0.7). Not to say how will save us from ambiguities when edelib and ede (both tagged as 2.0) are added.

One thing made me mad: subversion had to store these changes. Thanks God history for each file was preserved, but couldn't be nice if I could say "svn move x y --and-do-not-write-history", since I'm just renaming directories not related to the final tag and do not want it in file history changes (err, because file history changes are related to the changes in file not to the parent of it's parent directory renaming). Or they are maybe related...