Integration, integration

February 20, 2009
Just "integrated" (ha, soundy word) edewm (window manager) and eworkpanel (now known simply as ede-panel) in ede2 module. No, they are not new and fancy but an older versions from 1.x code.

Why? Well, you have to have something that will manage your windows and raise them when gots minimized (and in the mean time work that well). The newer window manager currently exists, incompleted, in branches and it's finalizing I'm planning for 2.0 beta or similar (see Roadmap). Completing it would eat up too much of the time, so plans for alpha are to use older panel and window manager and see how everything else fits together (which is IMHO much more important than anything else).

You know, you can have a perfect window manager and even better panel or desktop, but if they are not "compatible" (as people would say), then is bad. Kinda reminds me on relationships :)

So, to sum up the things, everything works as expected. EDE is starting nicely (belive me or not, this is the first time I'm starting full EDE without problems and various hackery behind!). Quitting is not done yet (ede-panel still does not communicate well with evoke) and there are few issues with the menu links.

More to come soon, hopefully ;)