NetworkManager sux (or not)

March 22, 2009
Last night I installed Fedora 10 (actually, I had it on my VirtualBox, but this time I wanted it on the disk), so that was a perfect time to test NetworkManager. I like when they said: " The most important pieces of NetworkManager are desktop-environment and distribution agnostic": gives me some neat ideas :D

Anyway, in my case, I have a wireless card that needed to be connected via xDSL. Nothing complicated, but...

I'm not sure was it fault due NetworkManager or GNOME's fronted, but I couldn't make it to see wireless card in " Hardware Device" tab; strange, since the card was regularly recognized in main hardware section.

So, after some searching (and more searching), I found out how NetworkManager is still a young project, with a plenty of time for improvements :). That send me to the good old terminal and " pppoe-setup".