New panel merged

October 5, 2009
New ede-panel is now merged in the trunk. Actually this was done two days ago, but additional management (fixing build paths, install/uninstall scripts and such) had to be done, so everything could work nicely.

What to say about it? ede-panel is written from the scratch and is using FLTK, meaning: one program less using eFLTK. Everything is placed in applets, so only things that will be used will be loaded. This will reduce memory usage and provide the base for future extensions or replacements (e.g. if you do not like current quick-launch applet, write a better one ;)).

Also, noticeable feature is support for fd.o menu specification. Now, all your installed applications will be correctly recognized and populated in desired menu section. Of course, if they are fd.o menu aware and this is the case for almost all modern GUI applications.

Here is the shot of default EDE menu layout:

Initial menu layout was taken from Xfce mostly because it is simple, concise and manageable ...and because I had no inspiration to write another XML file. Of course, the layout will be changed even more depending on requirements in upcoming period.