Linux Kongress Summa Summarum

November 10, 2009
Altough I get back a week ago, a shoulder issue prevented me to do anything useful here and on the repo. Probably due carrying those bags with laptop. Now I'm definitely starting to prefer some lighter variants :)

Linux Kongress was excelent. Organization, people, everything. I should mention OSDevCon happening in the same time at the same place, but due daily schedule in LK rooms, haven't catch anything from OpenSolaris guys, except a few t-shirts :)

And Dresden... a beautiful city. Definitely should be visited again :)

I finally met Michael "STIBS" Stibane (remember STX distro?); he is, guess, from Dresden. We had a great dinner and talk about almost anything. A great guy!

At the end, a trip worth every penny, pardon, euro :)