Memory applet and more

October 6, 2011
Few days ago I pushed a new applet that will show memory and swap usage.

The shot is above; noting smart behind it, but can be usable especially if you use firefox often or have Fedora/Ubuntu with tons of background processes ;)

edelib got facelifing in debug facility, inspired with debug functions and macros from glib. Previously, debug functions would simply write filename/line/text combination, without knowing from which application is emitted, like:
src/Window.cpp:53: loading 'edeneu' theme
Things become pretty messy when you get a bunch of reports from various place: edelib, ede-desktop, configuraion program(s) and etc. By introducting E_DEBUG_DOMAIN, which is set in compile phase, things looks like this:
[edelib] src/Window.cpp:53: loading 'edeneu' theme
[ede-conf] ede-conf/ede-conf.cpp:105: Can't load config
(of course the last line is pretty descriptive, but things got from edelib aren't obvious)

Also, things related to web hosting are still on hold. I contacted Csoft (as suggested by anonymous in previous post comments), but I'm still waiting for reply. Not sure how can I rely on these guys if I need to wait almost a month for a simple answer...