Screen locking support

April 2, 2012
Well, I'm pleased to announce two, small, but excited news: my ssh account for was restored (yea!) and screen locking support was added.

Screen locker is actually a small shell wrapper (called ede-screen-lock) around xscreensaver and/or xlock and will choose one, depending on whether or not is one of them installed. If you have another locker you consider is more popular (I'm a bit behind recent changes in desktop world), please drop me a note.

Why I'm so excited around this small addon? Well, it is the first (user visible) change after more than a half year. In the mean time, I did a lot of changes in backend code, mostly related to new scheme dialect called edelib-script (used in still experimental theme engine) I will write more about it in one of upcoming posts.

The next major todo is to focus on updating and refreshing EDE web page and starting wiki server. Also to mention, I created and setup alternative domain,, which will point you back to; seems to me much shorter and leaner, but is what we get used to, so it will be here for long time.