Autumn cleanup

October 9, 2013

It's been a while since I put anything here (whoaa, 5 months!) mainly because of personal issues I had during that time, which required my absence from the project and usual things.

So, I'm slowly getting back. Unfortunately, this absence period delayed planned EDE release and a bunch of stuff I planned to do in the mean time, and, for warming up practice, here comes small autumn project cleanup.

emountd, a small HALabstraction routing daemon was removed. The main intent was to provide manageable way to receive events from various devices, without linking every program with libhal and required libraries. As usually, we got something worse as replacement; not even sure what exactly is today, systemd or some *Kit crap.

Because of that, planned mount listener (where you would get an icon on desktop when you mount some device) will be left for the future. Things are hairy now for anything normal and portable.

The second cleanup thing is documentation moving, better to say, overhaul. EDE 2.0 shipped with asciidoc, used to build application specific documentation and combine everything in EDE Manual. I modified it a bit to make it easier to automate from build process, but it requried a serious update: official asciidoc already progressed a bit, some python 2.x idioms were deprecated and more and more distributions are shipping python 3.x by default (asciidoc was written in python).

Thanks to awesome kraileth, EDE Wiki is much better now so why not to move documentation there? Everyone could edit it without repository access, which is the main point of one big fat manual: more eyes, better content.