Fl_Highlight_Editor 0.2

June 6, 2014

I've pushed new, 0.2 release of Fl_Highlight_Editor widget. This release is actually a set of changes collected after 0.1, which happened almost a year ago (huh).

Quick changelog:

  • Added fluid-mode, html-mode and make-mode; modes for editing named file types.
  • Extended language so user is able to change cursor shapes and FLTK font faces (not to be confused with Fl_Highlight_Editor faces).
  • Added support for named and HTML colors; in previous iteration only FLTK colors were allowed (e.g. FL_WHITE), now you can use e.g. #a4a3a3 or aqua.
  • Manual update, a bunch of small fixes and more...

Let me know if you find some issues.