Literate programming with Monroe and org-mode

September 21, 2016

I'm starting to like literate programming with org-mode more and more, so I decided to try it in a small Clojure project. I'm aware of Marginalia, but since I'm planning to mix Clojure code with shell scripts and draw some charts, Marginalia won't be much of a help here.

By default, org-mode does not have support for Monroe as REPL backend, and with some elisp bending, we are going to add it.

The Code

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monroe 0.3.1 released

August 8, 2016

This is minor release, which applies byte-compile fix sent by Syohei Yoshida.

In short, monroe was using (loop) from Emacs cl package, without importing it first; when you'd byte-compile it, Emacs would throw some warnings and error, preventing further compilation.

This release should be instantly visible on MELPA and I'm going to push it on Marmalade soon, skipping 0.3.0 version.

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monroe 0.3 released

August 5, 2016

I'm tagging new release for monroe, a sane nrepl client for Emacs.

For those not up to fancy language on project page, monroe is a light, zero dependency and easy to use REPL client for Clojure from Emacs. Beside extreme stability, goal is to keep it compatible with standard Emacs key-bindings and modes, like eshell, inferior-lisp and others.

However, you can easily hack it for your language or environment; example of that I learned recently is that Phil Hagelberg (leiningen author) is using it for jeejah, a lua powered nrepl server. Neat!

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