December 29, 2016

Code indexing with lein-codeindex

I just pushed lein-codeindex, a brand new Leiningen plugin for easy code indexing and referencing.

My last big project involved a lot of Clojure code and I got tired of building tags file every time when someone adds a new library or manually hunting for dependencies project is using. In short, I was a little bit envy on Cursive my colleagues were using, simply because Cursive (and other IDEs) would pull the code dependencies and try to index and reference as much as possible.

In Emacs-land there aren't many options - you'd either have to invoke etags manually, fiddle with shell scripts to figure out dependent libraries, hunt for custom regexes as etags does not recognize Clojure or use lein-gentags, which scans only the code present in given project folder.

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December 22, 2016

Blog on a new server

Just moved blog to a new server. The old one got some weird connection issues (still investigating) that kept blog on and off for last couple of days.

Thanks for patience :)

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September 21, 2016

Literate programming with Monroe and org-mode

I'm starting to like literate programming with org-mode more and more, so I decided to try it in a small Clojure project. I'm aware of Marginalia, but since I'm planning to mix Clojure code with shell scripts and draw some charts, Marginalia won't be much of a help here.

By default, org-mode does not have support for Monroe as REPL backend, and with some elisp bending, we are going to add it.

The Code

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